“Kitchen Sink System” The Smart Kitchen Idea to Allow You Easily Cooking.

February 11th, 2013
Furniture Design
“Kitchen Sink System” The Smart Kitchen Idea to Allow You Easily Cooking 1

Hi again for every reader. If you are the one who love to cook, you will know well that a lot of time will be lost in food ingredient preparation process. This problem is the source of idea of “Kitchen Sink System”. It was designed on concept to use a system to allow you to easily manage the food ingredient.

We often need to perform similarly repeated several times while cooking. Especially near the sink, we do repeated several times such as washing vegetables, slicing vegetables. Therefore, the management of these steps is to make the process faster, greater flexibility.

“Kitchen Sink System” is designed to be used in the preparation of food quickly and easily. The sink layout is designed for each function can switch quickly and easily to meet the needs of users. The sink faucet handles in the center can be turn right, left conveniently to make your work continuous. The “Kitchen Sink System” is also winning on design concept from 2012 red dot award. Designer: Wu Chun Ming


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