Wall Art Decor Idea : Cheap & Great Home Decorating Ideas

December 24th, 2011
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Wall Art Decor Idea : Cheap & Great Home Decorating Ideas

While compiling a cool list of gifts for Home Decor stuff lovers, I came into the solution not only a luxury decor with high price can make your home have good appearance, but also some simply cool stuff with cheap price can produce your home be interesting  and I’m the one who love to create my house with a small budget too. First I will offer you a candle holder wall sconce.Price of this item is only between 10$-30$ and almost of them is Free Shipping.

This is the sample with Modern Style of Candle Holder Wal Sconce, “Set 2 pcs of Contemporary Metal Candle Sconce“. It only 24.95$ and also free shipping. You can add a chic, modernistic look to any room with this striking pair of candle sconces. See more Candle Holder Wall Sconce. You can  find one in the style that you seek once you see a shape that will fit your decorating style. Via.


Second I will offer you a Modern Mango Wood Vase with S Shape. This is the “Handmade Thai Art Modern Mango Wood Home Decor / Garden Decor Gift“.The Unique vase is handmade by skilled artisans out of Mango Wood in Thailand.It consist of Wooden S shape and glass in the middle for putting your flower as the picture above. It also great for your dinning room,living room garden,any place you’d like and it will look good as it unprecedented. This Vase is only 35$ include shipping fee. See More Detail


A Removable Sticker,Wall Decal,is the one option to design your home by low budget. Price is only between 5$ – 15$ include shipping fee. This picture above is sample of Wall decal Sticker,”Perfect Sakura Bloosoms“. The Wall Decal,it can make a fun ambiance and also will liven up any room you want by give it a new vibrant life. See More Wall Decal.


Wall mirror is the next item I offer since the mirror will make your room seem larger and more dimension.This time I choose 3 mirror offset on dark blown color with modern style. The price is only 48$ include shipping fee. With sleek design it can adds attractiveness to your living room, foyer, bedroom wall or any room you want. By the way this is the sample of mirror I show you,Maybe you can find the mirror that will comform your life style more than I offer. Via.


The last one in this the wall clock, “Modern wall clock with self design“. I bought this wall clock with the price only 34.99$ including fee. I put it in my living room for making a more modern look. But the most important reason why I offer this wall clock to you. After put it on the wall,all of my friend that come into my living room talk about on the clock or ask where I got it. Furthermore the advantage about the wall clock is that you can expand the numbers farther or closer to the hands depending on your space. But if you think this wall clock I offer is not fit to your style. You can find many wall clock with cheap price that lower 35$ include shipping fee. Via.

Hope all of my offer can give your idea to create a great room. Thanks


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