10 Chic Ideas of Elegant Cabinet – The Smart tactics of Storage

January 27th, 2017
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The Smart tactics of Storage 1

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Hi the 10 smart ideas for storage in this article are full advantage of space, design and usability. Let see what idea is match your style.

The Smart tactics of Storage 1

1. Ceiling shelves

Any home with 3 meters or higher ceiling can manage the space above for more storage. use 30 cm wood fix up to the wall and beam at 2.20 meters above or cement mortar for the same size. paint it to blend with the room wall.

The Smart tactics of Storage 2

2. Classic shelves

Wall book shelves designed by using Galvanized Steel Bar fix from floor to the ceiling and covered with 6 mm thick wood plates above and under.  And don’t forget to add a rolling ladder for the bookshelf to facilitate your reach for the book on the top shelf.

The Smart tactics of Storage 3

3. Cabinet of fun

Small shelves is also interesting, use 4 mm thick steel plate fold it to a Rectangular duct (with 20 cm depth) paint it black and fix it to any corners such as console table, restroom wall or office corner.

The Smart tactics of Storage 4

4. Enjoy space

Design the cabinets as an project of arts on the wall. use mdf cut into 2 pieces of circle shape with 50 cm. diameter. cover up with wood blended as needed. make the console stand out 35 cm from the wall. set the mdf box inside you also can paint each box differently as you like.

The Smart tactics of Storage 5

5. Bathroom cabinet

Change bathroom wall to a corner of storage by built-in above the toilet wall with 15 cm. wide x 20 m. tall. manage inside the cabinet by divide the space as need. don’t forget to leave some space (15 – 20 cm) for SPRAY HOSE. and the cabinet above the toilet should be at least 1.30 m tall to be appropriate. The cabinet doors recommended to cover with mirror for looking into and make the room look bigger.

The Smart tactics of Storage 6

6. All in one

Add functions to the cabinet by using the cabinet door as office table. It can be foldaway when you need more space for activities. cutting out the side about 75 cm high and fix it back with the hinge. there you’ll have more storage and also a table.

The Smart tactics of Storage 7

7. Stair side storage

Big built-in storage that you can design as you like for examples the Chinese medicine drawer style or a press out door, etc. top drawer should be anti-dust door as it may be hard to clean.

The Smart tactics of Storage 8

8. BUILD in wall storage

Good idea not to make the room look narrow. make space in the wall 20-30 cm and 1.00 m tall (from the floor) cover inside by dark oak wood. make space for 30 -40 cm each level. you may add wood edging at 4 corners to make it look like a frame.

The Smart tactics of Storage 9

9. Curve wall more spacing

Any home with Spiral staircase can utilize the space by store at every case of the stairs. make the framing of boxes 30 x30 x 25 cm over up with wood and veneer. you may design the boxes to be overlap in order to be more interesting.

The Smart tactics of Storage 10

10. Fun slope cabinet

Eye catching with wood box (1 inch thick) many size put together and fix to the room as like. the fun part is to fix the bellowed box as USUAL BUT the boxes above fix sloping left and right, up and down.

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