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October 28th, 2013
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10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-5

Washbasin is something that reflects your bathroom style, mostly people choose mortar counter but let’s take a look in detail how to make it your own style.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-1

1. built in artbasin

classic carving in Oval shape mable washbasin sixe 40 x 30 x25 cm, goes well in the build-in arch and the brasse water tap. Giving you the roman style bathroom


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-2

2. Glass counter

Modern style washbasin looks luxury. Made from 10 mm. safety glass edge with stainless for safety and insert it to the wall. Stainless bar helps holding it. Set the glass slope to the drain which hiding in the wall (to facilitate draining system). For the special designed tap, made from 15 cm wide and 10 cm jut out stainless plate from the wall and the counter decorated by some rocks and light giving the soft and gentle feeling.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-3

3. fish tank counter

Try not ordinary, with the fish tank front counter giving ocean feeling by blue light. The stainless framed mirror fix to the top counter stainless bar adjustable by user.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-4

4. vintage counter table

Use the real wood table painted white (to avoid humidity) then make hole on the top for your ceramicbasin. Before setting up the basin in the table, put the rubber ring under the basin to avoid slipping. For the mirror, wood frame will goes well with the counter. There you have sweet vintage counter.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-5

5. floating basin counter

Top counter made from 3mm thick stainless form into 3cm thick standing 65cm high as a top counter with bowl style washbasin which suits to modern home with limited space for bathroom. Slim stainless counter will make the room look spacious and also light weight, durable and not rusty. We suggest stainless plate with the anti-scratch quality. For the water tap, try build-in into the mirror by measuring and cutting don’t forget to cover up the edge joint.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-6

6. exposed concrete counter

Rectangle mortar counter made with bricks and polished cement. Sloping the top counter for about 20 degree for easy draining and splashing. Coating liquid on the polished mortar counter recommend, to avoid dirty stains may occur after use.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-7

7. graphic counter

If you find the cement counter boring, try decorate it with mosaic. Make it contemporaly style or you can use some nice color stones or beads instead.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-8

8. bowlbasin

This idea suits for loft home and raw style lovers, use brass basin on the wood top counter, set up the hot – cold water system separately, fix a 25 cm jut out tap for the water flows right to the middle of the bowl.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-9

9. add the counter stand

This idea is for small restroom, make 75 cm tall tube-shaped and paint it white to blend with the color of the basin. After fixing the bowlbasin, you’ll have 85 cm tall washbasin with less space needed. Also, at the back you should make an opening or leave some space from the wall for 10 cm in case for plumbers.


10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-10

10. wood counter

For dry space in the house, counter made from stainless box size 2 x 2 cm  joint up as a table and fix up with real wood (water and humidity resistant) on the face. Using stainless basin to go with the design adding details with fish’s tail joints.


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