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10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin Sink for Your Bathroom – Bathroom Furniture

October 28th, 2013
Furniture Design
10 Cool Ideas of Washbasin for Your Bathroom-5

Washbasin is something that reflects your bathroom style, mostly people choose mortar counter but let’s take a look in detail how to make it your own style.   1. built in artbasin classic carving in Oval shape mable washbasin sixe 40 x 30 x25 cm, goes well in the build-in arch and the brasse water tap. Giving you the roman style bathroom   2. Glass counter Modern style washbasin looks luxury. Made from …

5 Great Closet Ideas will Make Your Room Look Posh – Bedroom Furniture Idea

October 5th, 2013
Furniture Design
5 Great Closet Ideas 4

Hi again. Closet or Wardrobe is the necessity home furnishing for every homes. Not even for storage cloths but some people use it to keep others like shoes or handbags. Today Furniture and Vase offer you to take a look on 5 great closet ideas will help your home look tidy. Some idea is modern style closet such as “Shelving System” and some idea is original closet like traditional wooden closet. Some idea is for large room but …

5 Stylish Modern Floating Shelf Ideas that Useful for Your Living Room

October 3rd, 2013
Furniture Design
5 Stylish Modern Floating Shelf Ideas 4

Hi again. As many home today use floating shelf to storage for saving space. Also floating shelf can use to decorate for making the room look stylish. Whether put it with photo frames, cups or small plants, it can make your home look good as well. This time Furniture and Vase offer you take a look at 5 stylish modern floating shelf  ideas that useful for your living room. Now let see what ideas will …

5 Wonderful Classic Coffee Table Ideas for The Living Room – Living Room Furniture

October 1st, 2013
Furniture Design
Classic Coffee Table Idea 5

Hi again. Today coffee table is the one of furniture often use to decorate in living room. Whether traditional or modern Style, it can be gave amenity to your guests and also made your room look more better. If you are the one who are finding the classic coffee table to your room. This time Furniture and Vase offer you take a look at 5 wonderful classic coffee table ideas for the living room. Now let …