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February 12th, 2012
Furniture Design
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Furniture and vase.com collects the best ideas and pictures on vases and furniture from all over the internet. Now we offer you take a look at Creative and Unique on 4 Elegant Ideas of Modern Wall Art Decor. I will happy that if my article can give you a inspiration or idea to create your home more beautiful.

“Judging by today’s roundup of modern wall art, simply hanging a picture in a frame is child’s play compared to the creative ideas of this 4 Modern Wall Art Decors.  The most customized of this curation especially is that Wall Art Decor from DNA 11, a company that will convert your fingerprint, lipstick stain, or DNA cell swab into a one-of-a-kind work of art, and it can even combine samples from two people into one customized piece (hey lovebirds, can you say “I love You”).  For those who like to keep their wall art a bit personal, there’s the stunning 3D butterfly set from Paul Villinski — less intimate but still customizable as they come in separately pieces, leaving the final design completely open-ended. Those who want a slightly more traditional but still conversation-worthy solution to bare walls need look no further than the mirrored wall art series by Porada or a set of engraved wall panels from B&N Industries.”


3D Wall Art Decor by Paul Villinski


Custom Fingerprint Wall Art Decor from DNA 11


Engraved Wall Panels from B&N Industries


Modern Mirror Wall Art Decor by Porada


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