5 Easy Methods to Redecorating Your Own Living Room – Living Room Decorating Advice

February 18th, 2012
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Living Room Decorating Advice

Ways to redecorating your own living room start with cleaning the actual location, followed by taking away things that don’t belong in the room, next is clearing the area, then bringing things into the room, and lastly by bringing in brand new pieces of furniture.

The living room is definitely the one location within the house where the whole family can hang out and have some fun together. However, if it has become a place where none of the family members would love to stay anymore, probably it’s time to give it a brand new look. Redecorate the area and make it a welcoming place where everybody can have lots of fun.

Clean the area

The first and most vital thing that you must do is to thoroughly clean the location and everything in it. Wipe off the dust from the house windows as well as the household furniture. Begin from the top spots heading down, so that you will not be going forward and backward as dust forms on the lower items that you’ve already cleaned out. Ensure that you take out cobwebs which might be present on your light fixtures and other objects inside the room.

Remove things that do not belong inside the room

Take the items that belong in another area of the house out of that room. These items aren’t only taking up space, but they will also develop a greater tendency for clutter inside the living room. Hence, you should ensure that only the things that belong within the living room are left behind.

Clear the place

If you wish to, you can even clear the entire room of all its items. By doing this, you will get a clean slate to utilize, and you’ll have a clearer concept of how you wish to alter the appearance of the area. This will also let you clean the area even more, especially in places which are coated by the huge pieces of furniture. Moreover, if you feel that the walls could use of a new splash of paint, it is now time when you can repaint the walls with your choice of color. You could even just color one wall using a dark paint color to transform it into a highlight wall; while the rest of the walls are in a much lighter colour.

Bring things back into the room

After you get an idea of how you will like the brand new room, even if it is not an entirely concrete plan yet, begin bringing in the larger pieces one after another in the room. In case you have a large rug that you would like to utilize again, take this first, followed by the sofas, tables, and cabinets. Don’t be scared to move these materials around, even if it initially looks ridiculous; until you learn where they could best be put. After the large furniture pieces have found their place inside the room, bring in the rest of the room ornaments and smaller things, like the lampshades, bedroom pillows, books, and other items.

Add new furniture pieces

You might also desire to get inexpensive pieces of furniture or shop on one or two items that you actually want to work as ornamental objects. Custom fireplace screens could be purchased in accordance with your own personal wishes and budget. You may also buy beautiful paintings and also other types of wall art from future artists for a good value. Scouting yard sales for cheap but interesting items is also a good idea to make your living room look and feel like new.

You can also bring in live plants inside the room to make it more welcoming. Living rooms help families bond together.


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