5 Ideas for How to install the TV in the living room without unsightly effect-Part 1

July 26th, 2012
Furniture Design
How to install the TV in the living room 1

There are a thousand ways to put your television in the living room. But how to avoid unsightly effect? Center or in a corner, here are over 5 ideas to install the TV in the living room.

Here, the flat screen TV plays inside the sleek closet

Photographer: Jean-Marc Palisse

On the left, the closet of the room, doors closed. On the right, once the doors open, hi-fi equipment, TV panel and the library appear. The closet can open totally or in part, as required.


Design option to install the TV

Photographer: DR

In the room, the storage shelf has on depth variations. Trellis teak sideboard and white lacquered platform give a more intimate space. The TV is placed diagonally on the storage shelf and in the same direction as the trellises.


Put  the TV in front of sofa

Photographer: Private Tour

Neither too high nor too low. In the living room of this home all paneled in wood, the white TV stand was chosen so that when one is sitting on the plush sofa and television is right in front. A small black plaid for warmth at evening and long night.


TV embedded inside the stairs

Photographer: DR

The wooden staircase, which serves as the separation between the kitchen and living room. The choice of the owners was to have only very little furniture. They decided to put the TV on the stairs. Clever!


TV with minimalist height of chic

Photographer: Private Tour

A contemporary decor and design. White, clean, Kartell lamp, the choices are intended chic … Cabinet side, we prefer large and multifunctional that accumulate. The TV could have been placed on the white lacquered furniture, but there was more class to hang on the wall.


TV In a corner

Photographer: Private Tour

The room shows that here the role of television is not the center. With TV in a corner, it will give more space in your room and you can also seat on the chair at dining table for looking TV while eating.

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