5 Ideas of Cheap Vanity Set that Help You to Save The Money

July 10th, 2013
Furniture Design
Antique White Wood Vanity Set with Oval and 3 Drawers 1-1

Hi again. If you are finding on some vanities to your bedroom and you also don’t want to waste your money on more expensive vanities. Today I collect 5 best and cheap vanities with stylish design in various style to you. Let see what vanities below will meet on your requirement.


Set 3 Wood Vanities with Espresso Finish 1

Set 3 Wood Vanities with Espresso Finish 2

First is Wood Vanities Set with Espresso Finish. With the fantastic price only $93.79 and free shipping, you will get the real wood (not laminate) vanity and cushy stool. This vanity has enough larger and deeper drawer to put in your makeup, brushes, hair straightner and accessories that you can see on the picture above. Because of it was made from real wood,  it is durable and sturdy that you don’t need to worry about this. If your budget is under $100 and you also want the good quality vanity set with this money. This is the right one for you. Saving space, stylish and great !!! See more detail.


Antique White Wood Vanity Set with Oval and 3 Drawers 1-1

Antique White Wood Vanity Set with Oval and 3 Drawers 2

Second is Antique White Wood Vanity Set with Oval and 3 Drawers. This Vanity has both of sweet design and beautiful construction. Furthermore it comes with curved solid stool that covered by smooth fabric cushion. The price of this elegant vanity set is $144.16 with free shipping, this is the excellent price for a great product. The sweet vanity also easy to assemble and has a rich looking. Moreover if you are looking for some vanities to your daughter, let keep it to the one of your choice. See more detail.


Wrought Iron Vinity Set with Heart and Swivel Design 1

Third is Wrought Iron Vanity Set with Heart and Swivel Design. This vanity is only one that made from metal not is wood as the others I offered. It has a shelf with extra space for keeping your makeup, and accessories beneath the top. It comes with the black upholstered bench in heart design. The top and shelf of this vanity was use tempered glass to protect the danger. You also don’t worry about the weight since this vanity has lightweight but sturdy, only 39.6 pounds. Besides the price is affordable, only $85.61 and free shipping. With this vanity, it will work perfectly on your room. Nice looking and durable !!! See more detail.


Vintage Style Wood Vanity Set with Cherry Finish

Fourth is Vintage Style Wood Vanity Set with Cherry Finish.  This product was made from hardwood frame, so it has sturdy and durable construction. It is elegant and pretty design price with the price $95.51 and free shipping. If you have a small bedroom and also find a small vanity set to fit on your room. This is the interesting option for you. With its size, it will perfectly match on your small area. See more detail.


Contempory White Wood Vanity Set with Extensions Mirror

The last one is Contemporary White Wood Vanity Set with Extensions Mirror. This vanity set construction was made from solid rubber wood and MDF / Birch Veneer. This product is very easy to assemble. With its shape and design will make a great addition to your bedroom. Since this vanity quite big (43″ x 19″ x 54″H) and has a lot of drawers, so you can keep all your cosmetic, makeup and others without regard the storage area. It comes with price $213.43 and free shipping. If you have more space on your bedroom, let try to look this vanity set. It is a good option for you. See more detail.


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