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March 13th, 2012
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Furniture and vase.com collects the best ideas and pictures on vases and furniture from all over the internet. Now we offer you 5 Wall Art Decor Ideas with Small Budget Will Make Your Home Look Good. I will happy that if my article can give you a inspiration or idea to create your home more beautiful.

This Article I collect Cheap and Great Wall Art Decor items that have the price between 15$-70$. First item of Wall Art Decor Idea I will offer is “Southern Enterprises Leaves , Abstract Wall Art Panel“. The wall art is constructed from metal which varying square and rectangular shapes. It was painted by hand in earth tone finish. This Wall Art Decor can be purchased from Southern Enterprises by discount 21% for 57.81$ and Free Shipping. Read More Detail.


Tree of Life Wall Art Decoration Branch Shells Home” is the second item I will offer. The Tree of life is Handmade with Metal and Sea Shell. It also looks great in any room in your hourse. It on sale only 42.50$ and Free Shipping by eHomeProducts. Read More Detail.


The next item is “Chaney 75153 Retro Star Clock“. This Wall Art Clock is made on plastic case and quartz movement. It’s lightweight and easy to hang. Even the clock is cover is plastic but it does not look cheap at all with its design. Look on the price, it on sale with very cheap price only 23.23$ and Free Shipping by Chaney Instruments. Read More Detail.


Set of 25 pcs Umbra Wallflower Wall Art Décor will create a stunning wall decor with three-dimensional appeal in your room. They made from lightweight, molded polypropylene with a cute outward curve. These stylish  flower wall decor are easy to mount on the wall by a simple snap-on tack backing. They can be purchased with cheap price only 19.99$ and Free Shipping from umbra. Read More Detail.


The last item I will offer is “Set of 4 pcs Wrought Iron Metal Wall Sculpture“. It has 4 panels with different shapes raise out by different amounts, some about an inch, some a half an inch and some not at all. This really adds to the beauty. It’s well made and light weight and easy to hang. Now this metal wall art decor is on sale only 65.99$ and Free Shipping by bombayjewel. Read More Detail.

I hope my article can give a information to make you completely worth the money. Thanks From Furniture and Vase Decor.


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