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February 1st, 2012
Furniture Design
Z-Shaped Glass Cocktail Table from Avetex-1

Furniture and vase.com collects the best ideas and pictures on vases and furniture from all over the internet. Now we offer you take a look at Stylish and Unique 6 Stylish & Classic Cocktail Tables. I will happy that if my article can give you a inspiration or idea to create your home more beautiful.

“Contrary to conventional thinking, matching furniture — as in, matchy-matchy furniture — is not only a bite of the thumb at the entire world of design; it’s also kind of boring.  Here to mix things up a little is today’s roundup of stylish and classic cocktail tables; particularly if your aesthetic tastes run toward the conservative, these minimalist accent pieces won’t offend your senses.  What they will do, though, is add a little visual interest to what might be an otherwise predictably-matched set of coffee tables and couches.  Standing a bit taller than a coffee table in order to require less of a reach when picking up or setting down your favorite cocktail, these tables serve a specific purpose while providing an air of cool without being obtrusive.  Look at that — function can clink glasses with fashion after all.”


The Chesapeake End Table by Richard Walker


The Kente Loft Tymara Glass Cocktail Table


Jupiter Accent Table from Zuo


Z-Shaped Glass Cocktail Table from Avetex


Trumpet Tables by Barbara Cosgrove


The Ablo Round End Table from Chiasso


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