A Smart Walk-in Closet that Help You to Saving Space

February 7th, 2013
Furniture Design
A Smart Walk in Closet that Help You to Saving Space 1

The big problem when you rearrange furniture for small room or small area is the closet. “A lot of things but has a less space”, “How can we keep them”, this is the most topic when we said about closet. In case of you decide to choose Walk-in Closet for keeping cloth, bag / handbag, shoe or jewelry then the room space will be the big problem instead.

In this article, I will offer a create idea to solve the problem with a half Walk-in Closet that was designed by Hosun Ching. When look on outside the half Walk-in Closet, it is not different from other closets. It just looks a little deep than normal closet. But when pull off the door, it can be slide with the wheel and transform to Walk-in Closet for keeping your things as well. With this smart closet, the small space will not be your problem anymore.


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