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Sample Ideas of Home Decorating with IKEA Furniture Part 1

October 2nd, 2012
Furniture Design
Sample ideas of home decorating with IKEA furniture 5

IKEA is know well that is the brand of great quality furniture with affordable price in many country. With the stylish design, various style and colors allow you to choose the furniture all day without boring. Now the IKEA furniture is also available through many supplier‘s websites on internet that allow you to save the time and save money compare when with buying directly at the shop. On this article I will offer …

Simple Idea of Small Rectangular Bedroom Decorating

September 29th, 2012
Furniture Design
Simple Idea of Small Rectangular Bedroom Decorating  3

This day I will offer an simple idea of rectangular bedroom decorating. Since rectangular bedroom has long side more than wide side so this room can be separated to three zones. First zone is in the end what is the point for sleep and relax. This zone has stylish closet like a suitcase put together. The white single bed that is harmony with the wall put in the corner to saving the room …

Things to Consider When You Buy Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

September 17th, 2012
Furniture Design
Things tо Consider When Yоu Buy Memory Foam Mattress Toppers 5

Memory foam thоugh popular today dіdn’t соmе іntо thе market untіl thе 90s. Тhе usе оf thіs material wаs mаіnlу fоr top pads thеn. Ѕоmеtіmе lаtеr іt wаs mixed wіth mattresses, triggering thе uр shoot аnd popularity оf memory foam pillow toppers. Upon еvеrу nеw year, а mattress manufacturer sells а nеw variety оf memory foam mattress pads. Lіkе nеw technology соmеs аnd gоеs, consumers оftеn find thіs increasingly difficult tо mаkе а …

Simple Idea to Decorate Small Apartment for Single Girls

September 16th, 2012
Furniture Design
Creative way to decorate small apartment for single girls 1

For girls who are single or are not have someone to be boyfriend. I think it does not good if you live in large apartment, since the large area of the room will increase the isolation exponentially. I suggest you let take a look on small apartment with the warmly decorate like the idea I will show you below. Maybe it will make you feel cozy and hearty even you don’t have anyone …

Sneaky 8 Ideas to Decorate Your Wall with Picture

September 10th, 2012
Furniture Design
8 Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Wall with Picture 8

Now the photo and images are increasingly used to decorate our home. Some time used photos of marriage, children and place them in the bookshelf or hang them in the living room. On the internet there are many articles that suggest on how to decorate with the images, but on this article I correct the ideas not only the picture on canvas and posters, but the photos that were applied on recycling vases, …

Home Decorating Idea with Wooden Wall and Laminate Flooring

August 30th, 2012
Furniture Design
Home decorating idea with wooden walls and laminate flooring 2

Hi this day I will take you take a look on beautiful home decorating idea with wooden walls and laminate flooring. This beautiful compact home is built in the wooden fence area. Front yard make stylish walkway among natural garden. Side of the house made a wooden balconies that equipped with polycarbonate roof, can protect against heat but light can shine through it. Inside the house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, …

Sneaky Ways to Organize Your Closets for Small Room

August 28th, 2012
Furniture Design
Sneaky Ways to Organize Your Closets for Home Improvement 1

Closets are among the messiest spaces in any home, especially if that home is smaller than normal. That’s because they’re out of your direct line of sight. While a cluttered living room might bother you until you organize it, it’s easy to just shove one more thing in the closet, even if closing the door gets tough after a while. The trouble with this type of closet storage is that you soon dread …