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November 18th, 2013
Furniture Design
Samsung EH5300

These models are part of the low-end televisions Samsung 2012. Do not include 3D playback functions.Smart TV Both models are Full HD 100Hz CMR and have. The main difference we can see in terms of design, given that the EH5300 model is very thick (10 cm) than the current technology LED TV 2012. The ES5500 has a model CMR 100Hz 50Hz as the model EH5300. You can see our complete analysis of these sets:   ES5500 …

The Affordable Smart TV ! Samsung 50EH5300 LED HDTV Review

November 10th, 2012
Furniture Design
LED HDTV Review Samsung 50EH5300 The Affordable Smart TV!  18

Hi again to every reader who have follow for my website, Furniture and Vase Décor. This day I would like to review about the 50-inch Samsung’s EH5300 LED HDTV, the smart TV with affordable price. Apart from the detail and general specification of the 50-inch Samsung’s EH5300 LED HDTV, I also collect price and rating from various stores on internet to allow to get the best price and best service on this LED HDTV. …

LED TV 2012 Comparison Charts : All models of all brands

October 26th, 2012
Furniture Design
LED TV 2012 Comparison Charts - All models of all brands

If you are the one who want to buy LED TV to your home but you don’t know how to begin or how many models and brands in the market. On this article I collect all of models, brands, feature, rating and price to allow you to easily find the LED TV. I hope my article can give a useful information for you to get your best favourite LED TV. Now let see comparison charts …

HDTV Review Cool Pearly white! LG LM6690 Smart TV Cinema 3D

October 9th, 2012
Furniture Design
LG LM6690

First, hello to our website Furniture and Vase Design Fans. Months ago The Olympic 2012 was held inLondon, people around the world including me had stayed tune for many matches for nights supporting our national teams… As we know, to become successful we need more than one factor. For HDTV, identically, to become “hot hit” only appearance is never enough. It must contain all functions with beauty and most importantly good price. With all of …