Handmade Modern Art Mango Wood Vase Living Room Furniture~C Shape Design

December 21st, 2011
Furniture Design
Mango Vase

Furniture and vase.com collects the best ideas and pictures on vases and furniture from all over the Internet. This time we would like to present the Handmade Mango Wood Vase For Living Room Furniture with C Shape Design.

These are the Handmade Thai Art Modern Mango Wood Home Decor / Garden Decor. The Unique vase is handmade by skilled artisans out of Mango Wood in Thailand.It consist of two size of C shape and glass in the middle for putting your flower. The C shape inside part can turn around itself like the picture above.

It also great for your dinning room,living room garden,any place you’d like and it will look good as it unprecedented. See More Detail.


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