HDTV Review Cool Pearly white! LG LM6690 Smart TV Cinema 3D

October 9th, 2012
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LG LM6690

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As we know, to become successful we need more than one factor. For HDTV, identically, to become “hot hit” only appearance is never enough. It must contain all functions with beauty and most importantly good price. With all of that factors lead to my review, (the famous twin of serie LM6700), LG LM6690 HDTV

Credit Review and Pictures : lcdtvthailand.com


Design of LG LM6690 HDTV

Clearly, the difference between LG LM6690 HDTV and LG LM6700 HDTV is the pearly white color. Imagine our surroundings such as popular mobile phones IOS or Android, cars or  even electronic devices, if any model seems to become popular the manufacturers usually provide products for another color, white. Especially for cars, if you pick the white one you often have to pay more!! Same as LG LM6690 HDTV the pearly white color come out to draw attentions, make differentiation, this is a choice that worth every amount you pay. LG bring this out to give more choices for anyone who looking for new things.

For LG cinema screen TV come with the series LM6690 and above (LM6690 , LM6700 , LM7600, LM8600 and the top LM9600 Nano Full LED which has slim edges giving you the feeling like watching at the cinema you will get the most realistic images for 2D and 3D)

Front, with the luxury gray silver bottom edge

Turnable stand, with white and gray material

Really slim when look at the side

Pearly white back

Also, the remote controller is white plastic with firm durable buttons.

Its high light “magic motion remote controller” for active smart TV user.

Not wavy, held by 4 bolts at the back


Connectivity of LG LM6690 (also same as LM6700) HDTV

HDMI x 4, USB x 3,  PC x 1, LAN x 1, Antenna x 1, Optical x 1, Composite x 1, Component x 1

For connectivity of LG LM6690 (also same as LM6700) HDTV, it can even compare to its big brothers LM7600, LM8600 HDTV for examples: Wi-fi built-in for LG Smart HDTV or 4 port HDMI supporting Audio return channel (port 1) and 3 ports of USB.

Let’s look at the connectivity as follows:

Connector at back pannel of LGLM6690 HDTV

Threes ports USB Connector at side pannel

Beside the USB connectors are four port HDMI connectors same as other big size HDTV


Specification of LG LM6690 (also same as LM6700) HDTV

For specification of LG LM6690 HDTV in total is similar to LG LM6700 HDTV but only it’s white. 47 and 55 inch screen with edge led back light and LED Local Dimming Function. This is the cheapest cinema screen design model ever. Let’s check out for the basis specification.

LG LM6690 (Same as LG LM6700) specification


1920 x 1080

Backlight Type

Edge LED ( Local Dimming )

3D Playback

3D ( Polarized )

2D to 3D Conversion


Video Processor

Triple XD Engine

Panel Type


1080p Capable


Refresh rate

Dynamic MCI 400

Picture Sensor

Intelligent Sensor , Backlight Control



Viewing Angle

178 / 178

Compare Specification : LG LM6690, LG LM6700, LG LM7600, LG LM8600, LG LM9600

Compare Specification : LG LM6690, LG LM6700, LG LM7600, LG LM8600, LG LM9600


LG LM6690 (Same as LG LM6700)

LG LM7600

LG LM8600

LG LM9600


47", 55"

47", 55"

47", 55"

47", 55"

High Definition Resolution





Display Technology

Edge LED w/ Local Dimming

Edge LED w/ Local Dimming

Edge LED w/ Local Dimming

Full-Array LED w/ Local Dimming

Refresh Rate





3D Technology





Dual Core Processor





Internet TV





Wi-Fi Built-in





DLNA Certified















Image Quality

Image Quality of LG LM6690 HDTV

Picture Mode:

ISF Expert mode: Similar to other high level series. Good thing for this mode is that it gives true color almost original resemble. Only few adjust makes fine images no blacken or redness

Mode : ISF Expert 1

Contrast : 95, Brightness : 53, Colour : 50, H Sharpness : 10, V Sharpness : 10, Tint : R2

Our test made with the set up scale number nearly to the factory had set. Some prefer other mode such as: Vivid, standard, cinema, game but for me I like the extreme color of Vivid mode

LG LM6690 HDTV already provides fine images as set from the factory, I’ve measured the color temperature of every mode refer to the right scale which is 6500K (D65) and here are the results, the set up scales from manufacturer no adjust needed.

LG LM6690 (Pre-calibration)

Picture Mode


Very High



Very High







ISF Expert 1&2



Cinema mode and ISF Expert scale nearly 6500K

All modes can adjust the brightness from backlight level

And  Luminance refer to the function energy saving and local dimming are off

As mentioned, the set up scales from the factory without calibrate are highly precise especially RGB Balance level which relate straight to color balance. And for Gamma, light transfer function, LG LM6690 HDTV is also good at. Graph measured the yellow line (Gamma 2.2) since 0-100 confirm that this HDTV is perfect.

Recommend “just scan” for Aspect ratio to get full screen image with every single pixels

Test with 2D Hi-definition

We use Journey 2 the mysterious island movie for testing camera panning scenes, picture movement scenes, colors of faces and details in the dark or bright scenes.

Camera Panning Scenes, to begin with, we found little movements but mostly commonly natural. This model is ok but for smoother and more flow we recommend Trumotion at smooth level with De-judder at 3 in exchange for little blur at speedy movement scenes

Next , when Local Dimming is on

This scene shows camera panning from right to left, TruMotion gives more eyes comfort

Tony Stark’s face from Iron man 2, looks intensive

Bad guy trying to kill Iron man

Let’s look at the skin of the actors and surroundings, still show fine details

For lower series HDTV, actors faces may show little redness but not for LM6690 HDTV. Please check it out how true for true color in ISF expert 1 mode

Details test for beards in our familiar scenes

Brightness at 50-51 as set. Pictures are in the average (need a bit of adjust)

Black control for this scene I try local dimming to work in medium and high. In dark room it can control in zones like edge LED local dimming style but still  not comparable to LM7600 (Egde) HDTV due to some Light leakages in the dim but in bright room is really good

Cartoon animation file MKV at hi-definition level, I try standard mode, comfortable bright as usual, use vivid if anyone like extreme color

Test with winning eleven, For speedy motions scenes still find some ghosts

In total 2D image at hi-definition level I find that picture character is clear as LG style which is naturally soft, eye comfort, good picture dimension. If never use High level HDTV, this one is certainly worth to have. But I must admit that it’s still inferior to LG LM7600 HDTV

LG LM6690 HDTV use FPR panel (Film Patterned Retarder) supporting 3D scenes with more dimension through comfy lightweight glasses, no dizzy

Test cinema 3D pictures

3D is the selling point for this model, LG LM6690 HDTV. I have tested blu-ray 3D, side by side 3D also I convert normal hi-definition picture to 3D by testing in light controlled home theater and in room without light controlling to meet our household useability.

3d setting for adjustment including contrast and depth of picture

First, I picked beautiful animation “how to train your dragon” using 3D mode in standard level, it produced floating dimension picture as average. At the scene hiding behind the rock when the dragon sneaks around, the dragon seems really float at the edge of the screen. After, I adjust from 3D mode to cinema level and extreme for more depth but for long watch may make your eyes tired and more cross talk. I recommend standard mode for long watch.

The little dragon for 3D testing today

This scene really shows overlap dimensions

Next, journey 2 the mysterious island in 3D, when turn on TV auto detect suddenly changes to vivid mode to continue the brightness. I try adjusting to standard or ISF Expert 1 while watching in dim light room, still get soft feeling pictures. Getting fun, comparing to the same level HDTV with active shutter glass, in standard mode LG LM6690 HDTV give brighter and better dimension. But for active you will get sharp and clear picture when watch closely. In journey 2 at the scene focusing at object and blur at the background, adjust more depth will turn out great.

Wanna see the bird fly to pinch your face must see this scene!!

Transform 2D to 3D in normal movie, still at the standard, object not floating out like real 3D, only separate border line of object from the background.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality of LG LM6690 HDTV

For this high level LG HDTV, sound is not ordinary. Testing by watching with middle volume in bombing scenes still giving good feeling. Hearing some bass, not too high-pitched irritating our ears. Let’s listen to Adele, her high pitch in the song someone like you turns out sweet as good as usual, this DTV pass for sound test comparing to the same price range HDTV.

6 Sound mode choices

For sound setting, you can use audio return chanel or TV speaker on/off

To use ARC you must turn on simlink

Extra Feature

Extra of LG LM6690 HDTV

LG Smart HDTV in 2012’s appearance is home dashboard that clear divided easy to use, with the magic remote controller typing is easier than before. Also the scroll wheel facilitate browser sliding freely.

Example of magic remote controller that make controlling LG HDTV easier

Note: LG LM6690 HDTV has Wi-Fi Built-in connect automatically

New home dash board screen

Familiar applications

LG Apps store for download

 view VDOClip from around the world by Youtube

Internet browser also supporting flash

Test downloading games

Read file in USB:

Readingfile directly from TV, I tested through 2.5” external harddisk, through docking and through flash drive, TV functions very well by reading movie file KMV, TP, WMV, DivX including DAT and AVI of course. For songs, it supports file WAVE and MP3 and JPEG for photos.

Listen to the music to test file wave: read smoothly

Watching movie file MKV, Indiana Jones, test subtitle adjust position, color, text size

*note* subtitle may not support 100% properly depend on type of file

Watching side by side 3D also available, image floats as picture above.

Make slide with music for photo file reading support only JPEG

Smart Share : Media Link

streaming file from PC direct to TV available while PC must connect same wireless LAN. Easy done when go to Media link at the first time it will ask you to download program called PLEX Media Server for PC and after you can add file into PLEX Media Server by open directly from TV. Good thing is that Media Link will find details and movie cover and show up automatically. For other devices can also use LG smart share function to look up and file sharing through Wi-Fi even on mobile phone , tablet, etc.

Ice age a mammoth Christmas from notebook when go to PLEX Media Sever show details as  follow:

File smoothly plays (MKV 720P)

When playing, I try adjusting: mode, TruMotion and 2D-3D adjustable normally

Sample picture for Dual play: game playing full screen

Dual play: players can play together at the same time while seeing themselves full screen through glasses. Dual play A and B is a function in LG LM6200 and above. Let’s have a look at real Dual Play

Shooting game 2 players with sharing screen (up/down)

When press Dual play, player will see only their screen fully

Dual Play A and B Glasses when wear will give different images

Series LM9600, LM9500, LM8600, LM7600 HDTV glasses dual play 2 included in package

Series LM6700, LM6690, LM6200 HDTV glasses dual play not included in package

PC connect show fully on screen by choosing Aspect to be just scan. Letters easy to read at 1920 x 1080 resolution

Picture show power consume rate for energy saving in different levels

Energy Saving

Energy saving

Eventhough, nature of LED TV is already energy saving but LG LM6690 HDTV still have energy saving mode to reduce brightness of backlight. If watching in dark room, medium or maximum level will comfort your eyes. Adjusting to Auto, TV will measure light level and adjust automatically. At the bottom, screen off, will shut down the screen leave only the sound (useful when you walk away to do things but still want to listen to TV).

Measuring energy consume in Vivid mode results only 68 watts



If you are looking for cheap, multi-function, with cinema screen design, cinema 3D and smart TV this LG LM6690 HDTV is perfect for you, Or for anyone who wants to move from lower level LCD, you will definitely see the different of images. Soft and unique view of LG including right color, best image dimension. I call LG LM6690 HDTV the cheapest local dimming ever. Guarantee!!!

Advantages of  LG LM6690 HDTV (Similar to LG LM6700)

1.cinema screen: beautiful design, outstanding white slim edge comparing to others

2. full features: Edge LED Local Dimming , Smart TV , Cinema 3D , Dual Play , Wi-Fi Built-In , DLNA and etc at reachable price, really worthy.

3. setting from factory no need to calibrate

Disadvantages of  LG LM6690 HDTV (Similar to LG LM6700)

1. movement views while playing games still find ghosts even in game mode

2. due to slim edges, for the screen  need to be more careful when move

3. in dark room black screen control not as good as higher series


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