Home Decorating Idea with Wooden Wall and Laminate Flooring

August 30th, 2012
Furniture Design
Home decorating idea with wooden walls and laminate flooring 2

Hi this day I will take you take a look on beautiful home decorating idea with wooden walls and laminate flooring.

This beautiful compact home is built in the wooden fence area. Front yard make stylish walkway among natural garden. Side of the house made a wooden balconies that equipped with polycarbonate roof, can protect against heat but light can shine through it. Inside the house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, office room, kitchen and dining room (kitchen and dining room are in the same area but separate by furniture). Floor tiled with laminate flooring in natural patterns to make the home looks nature.

The outdoor wall of this house also decorates with laminate wood. When look from outside maybe misleading to a wooden house. A wooden wall not only adds to the beauty but also helps to protect the heat very well. When painted to match with the fence, it make more appropriate and perfectly. If someone like the colors, it can be add more features than typical concrete wall.

For the office room use the wooden bookshelf to make the room tidy and put the wooden office desk near the window to get the more light from outside, it also give the sitter feel fresh.

Bedroom is simply furnished by using minimalist furniture. Floor also tiled with laminate flooring that harmony with wooden bed. The base of the bed is a drawer that can be storage appliances. With this concept, minimalist furniture, can give the small bedroom feel relaxed and comfortable.


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