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January 30th, 2012
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If you are planning to purchase a HDTV it is a good idea to read up some material on the subject. This will enable you to avoid unnecessary and costly features. Presented below are some features that are important to be considered while purchasing a HDTV.

The first major consideration is the size – you might believe that larger is better. The fact is you need to have a comfortable viewing range for the TV, so room dimensions must be taken into account. A small increase of the screen size directly means that the price is going to increase multiple folds. Hence you must carefully measure your room and the size of the screen that is adequate for it. You should also note that the TV is going to look better in the showroom due to the lighting there. You may not get the same picture quality in your living room. You need to Check the viewing angle – a good TV will give you great viewing from all angles.

Larger screen resolutions are 1080 p while smaller screens have 720p. Visually, this does not create any noticeable difference in the viewing ability. Thus, the major decision making factor is the size of your room. However, you must ensure that if you do decide to go for smaller screen HDTV, your needs might change in a couple of years; you may feel you should have invested in the larger 60″screen display.

Another common mistake is that people go in for cheaper brands to save money. The fact is that many reliable online sources will give you the lists of top HDTVs that are also budget-friendly.

Also, the new one often come with latest additional features, so do take a moment to consider all these options, before rushing off to buy affordable HDTVs. Inexpensive TVs can also have problems in the long run-they may get overheated, or the display may get blurry etc.

As far as TV technologies are concerned, there are three main players. These are LED, LCD and Plasma . The LED and LCD technologies are not very different except for way the backlighting is done. Today you can also get the OLED technology which is the latest. 3D technology is not recommended as there are several drawbacks to it.

Thus, you can see that you need to study your options and choose the right technology for your room. People might also throw some technical jargon at you-like dynamic contrast ratio etc- however this is a number best ignored! This ratio dynamically changes the picture brightness as per the image’s requirement. While this is important in LCD TVs, the dynamic ratio does not affect most of the others.

The last important feature to consider is the internet connectivity. Also you must check for the number of HDMI ports, power consumption of the TV and the life expectancy of the set. Other features you can look for are ATSC and QAM tuners that can be used for digital- over-the-air signals.

In conclusion, we have mentioned some features that are very important to be considered when you buy a HDTV. We have also given some features that you can ignore when you invest. With these noteworthy points in mind, you can purchase a HDTV in a hassle free manner!


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