How to Choose Hardware Finishes To Match Your Bathroom Décor

January 12th, 2013
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How to Choose Hardware Finishes To Match Your Bathroom Décor 3

One of the best ways to enhance your bathroom’s decor design is to ensure that all of your hardware is coated in the same finish; ‘Finish’ is the name given to the metallic layer that all brass or stainless steel hardware can be coated with.

Different finishes suit different decor designs. The following is a list of commonly used finishes and the bathroom decor styles to which they are suited.

1. Chrome

Chrome is silver in color. It can be polished for a superb shine or it can be brushed for a subtle somewhat darker silver effect. Brushed chrome looks as though it has been sand-papered, hence the lack of the bright shine found with polished chrome.

Polished chrome is commonly used for bathrooms that feature a contemporary decor style. Like the shapes featured in contemporary designs (squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles), polished chrome is outspoken and bold.

Brushed chrome, being more subtle in shade, can be used alongside a variety of decor design styles; namely, the contemporary style, the traditional style and the transitional style. (Read 8 Ideas of Chrome Bathroom Accessory Set to Make Your Bathroom Look Great)

2. Bronze

Bronze comes in an assortment of effects. Oil-rubbed bronze is dark; only a little lighter than wrought iron. Brushed bronze is a more subtle in appearance, and lacks a shine. Polished bronze is shiny and golden brown.

Oil-rubbed bronze suits the Victorian style very well, but can be used (depending on the style of the faucet) in a traditional and even a contemporary style bathroom.

Brushed bronze looks as though it has been sand-papered, and suits the traditional style perfectly. It can also be used in a bathroom that features Victorian styling.

Polished bronze is shiny. This bright and polished look works well in a Victorian style bathroom, and can also be used (depending on the color of the bathroom decorations) in a bathroom that features a transitional or traditional style.

3. Gold

While the gold used to coat bathroom hardware is not real gold, gold finishes are always shiny and polished. This finish is best suited to bathrooms with an antique or Victorian styling.

4. Nickel

Nickel looks very similar to brushed chrome. It is silver with a dark undertone and not as shiny as polished chrome is.

However, satin nickel is the favorite among homeowners who don’t want to use chrome and don’t enjoy the effects of brass or gold. Satin nickel has a brown tinge, and is perfectly suited to any bathroom regardless of its styling.

5. Brass

Brass can also be polished or brushed like chrome can be. Brushed and polished brass are both suitable for bathrooms that feature a Victorian or antique styling, and can also suit bathrooms that feature traditional styling.

Now that you know more about the finishes used for bathroom hardware, you can select a finish that will suit the color scheme you have chosen to use in your bathroom, which is the focus of the next article.

Article From : Smith, Amanda (2012-06-12). Bathroom Decorating Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom Design (Bathroom DIY Series).


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