How to Choose the Right Furniture that Not Obsolete to The Trend

January 11th, 2013
Furniture Design
How to Choose the Right Furniture that Up to Date on The Trend 2

Today when we want to redecorate or improve their home. We must look first for what is the latest fashion, what is the update trend. The problem that you must alway look for what is lasting, which is resistant to both in material and time, which can withstand the passage of time and the various trends. Now on this article what we have to avoid is the most trendy decor, what is most fashionable is not always right in the complexity of space or look good more than original design.

So, how can we resist the “decoration” of the moment cultivating authenticity, freshness and originality of our homes?

Here are some ideas:

1) Remain true to yourself. Choose your furniture according to what you really love – even if the blogs and magazines furnishing say that you love is now gone.

2) Do not buy everything in one place, but do a mix. If all the furnishings come from the same place, be it Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware or IKEA, then your house is much more likely to slide around in the look of the moment, but is devoid of personality. You can mix and combine furniture or even antiques such as add expensive items with the item from flea market. We were particularly impressed with how well this house is furnished South Carolina, is a house on the beach. As you can see here has a very interesting design, focuses on the living room. The house as decorate between modern and classic style, such as centerpiece with yellow modern chair chrome and classic round wooden table. It is made on the basis of many different styles and different eras together, giving it a touch of freshness that you can communicate and perceive.

3) Rooms decorating. Your room can be more interesting if you add furniture from different periods. The furniture in modern or classical style can be mixed to a new unique style. For example in the picture above, a modern shag carpet live comfortably with an antique clock. In the bottom picture, transparent chairs combined with a rustic table that are very interesting.

4) Better to seek to have your own idea that makes sense in its generality and complexity in the environment, it is best not to follow fads and fashions or even better to know them and try to sort out their fashion and style, creating idea with unique design will always bring fashion to date. Your home will be cared for and in perfect time-never a victim of fashion and trend of passage.

5)  The art will mainly be a part of your home, investing in art give the environment the personality of those who live there and the most original style. It also allow your home to have a interesting focus point. You can bring your passion for art to dictate the choices of furniture too.

Note : During this period, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of the trend. But having time and devoting time with furnishings available, you will be able to analyze your own choices with your faith, style and your own personality. Please remember the personal style will be able to stand over the time and fashion.


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