Idea for how to landscape mini garden in glass coffee cup

July 31st, 2012
Furniture Design
Idea for how to landscape mini garden in glass coffee cup 12

On this article we will let take a look on idea for how to landscape mini garden in the glass coffee cup. This small garden,whether it be children or adults, it can certainly be done easily.

1. Bring unused or surplus of glass coffee cup and saucer.Furthermore you can buy a new glass coffee cup with saucer since these coffee cups are relatively expensive and you don’t need to buy a luxury band. Then cleaning them by wash or wipe.

2. Put a little gravel, just only the bottom of glass.

3. Put humus soil in the glass and press firmly.

4. Find the moss or grass upon your area. You may use any other small tree species as well.

5. Remover foreign from your moss and grass such insects, scraps of wood to make it look clean and beautiful.

6. Put the clean moss or grass into your glass coffee cup.

7. Find small plant or branch for decorating into the glass.

8. Bring your acquired plant or branch into your glass. Be sure to pin down roots in the soil.

9. Find your favourite doll or sculpture, you may paint the color to make your doll attractive and compatible to your mini garden.

Now you get a pretty mini garden. With easy step above you can let your family or children to make special activity on weekend.


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