June 2013!! iPhone Will Be Release The New Version “iPhone Match” By 4.8″ Screen

January 22nd, 2013
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The latest rumor comes up again for the new version of iPhone, the China Times cites that Factory production line inChinaindicate that Apple plans to launch the iPhone this year with three versions together. These consist of cheap versions of the iPhone, iPhone 5S version and integrate version between iPhone and tablet by 4.8-inch screen size.

Furthermore the news agency indicate that the large screen iPhone version is called “iPhone Match”. It comes with the concept of smart phone half tablet or Phablet by screen size 4.8 inches. It is designed and expected to get the market share from the Galaxy Note that Apple has no product in this manner before. The digital camera in this version was also the subject of the rumors of numerous differences. Some rumors indicate that the “iPhone Match” comes with digital camera resolution by 12 million pixel, while another source stated that “Largan Precision”, a manufacturer of digital cameras for the iPhone 5. prepare to produce the digital camera which has a resolution 8 million pixel for smart phones that is expected to be the “iPhone Match”. The sources also claim that Apple will begin production of the “iPhone Match” in March and will launch this version in June or July.

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However, the iPhone 5S has been evaluated that it will be the same as original design of iPhone 5. But it will slightly modify the properties. For example, to change the back cover material to Polycarbonate with up to 6 colors and will be added to the fingerprint sensor technology to the Home Button.


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