Sample Idea for Modern Living Room in Ordinarily Tone

January 24th, 2013
Furniture Design
Sample Idea for Modern Living Room in Ordinarily Tone 1-1

As we know most living room in the home is the place that the household take the time to do things together in this room such as watch TV, read a book, converse or talk to a guest. As well if this living room can make we feel comfortable, relaxed and peace of mind. Certainly we want to be in there as long as we can.

On this article I have an idea for living room to watch. This living room is decorated in modern style with ordinarily tone. Paint the wall with simple light color combine with partially white concave and convex wallpaper. Dark gray sofa set. Light green backrest pillow and chair make the room be jolly. The rear corner is put a small dining table for sometime want to eat and look the TV. A large glass window decorated with two layers of light color pleated blinds is perfectly with the elegant room. I guess when we decorate a living room like this, there are many people want to sleep in this room instead of going to sleep on the bed.


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