Sample ideas for how to decorate your home with wallpaper

August 8th, 2012
Furniture Design
Sample ideas for how to decorate your home with wallpaper 3

No matter what room you can give it a makeover by various ideas of perfect wallpaper as I will show you below. This decoration is filled with tips techniques. It will beautiful or not, let take a look and then decide.

Make a great feature to the wall in the bedroom with your favorite wallpaper by defining the focus point on one side the wall. For example, use pink wallpaper in French Style that look match with furniture in the room. This idea is also good for small bedroom.

Storage cabinet filled with bright red and white polka dot wallpaper to create the emotion in kitchen like 1950. This idea use wallpaper to arrange a large gap in the kitchen.

Make the eye-catching to the bathroom with the charm of a mysterious black like white and black striped flowers. But use the wallpaper in the bathroom must be careful. Spacing should be sufficient in order to wallpaper will remain with us for a long time.

Create the relation between furniture inside the room with art wallpaper. For example if you have a chic chair then we try to make a good match the art wallpaper near the top of the wall. In case you have the rest wallpaper, you can take it to decorate storage boxes or others.

Beside wallpaper is beautiful, it also can help us overlay to the old and wear part of the wall. Like this idea use orange and white wallpaper overlay on the old with perfect fit. But when combine between wallpaper should take into account the color of wallpaper can be compatible or not.

Add a new look on the old coffee table by using wallpaper attach to mirror then you will get a new chic coffee table.

Make your private style with bright yellow wallpaper like the sun is going through the living room. Add some decoration at the wall to give it look warm.


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