Simple Idea for decorating small bathroom by corner bathtub

August 10th, 2012
Furniture Design
Simple Idea for decorating small bathroom by corner bathtub 1

One thing you must think of about decoration is the space or area. Because of the rooms have different application so when designing you must selecting the suitable material and furniture to fit that space.

This idea shows the sample of decorating small bathroom. The interested point of this bathroom is using corner bathtub for increasing the space and floating flush toilet to make the bathroom look bright and airy. The tiles with light orange also give the room feel kindly and animated

The sanitary ware used to decorate to be all white in order to have harmony with the tiles.

The white counter basin has drawer for contain daily use and also has a slot for put in the  washing machine, saving space again. Around mirror has art tile with beautifully designed and it make this part outstanding. Only you choose and put the right thing, with this easily decorating way then you will get your own attractive small bathroom.


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