Simple Idea of Small Rectangular Bedroom Decorating

September 29th, 2012
Furniture Design
Simple Idea of Small Rectangular Bedroom Decorating  3

This day I will offer an simple idea of rectangular bedroom decorating. Since rectangular bedroom has long side more than wide side so this room can be separated to three zones.

First zone is in the end what is the point for sleep and relax. This zone has stylish closet like a suitcase put together. The white single bed that is harmony with the wall put in the corner to saving the room space. The small house shape table lamp on the bedside table and classic photo frame at the head bed wall make this zone does not look too bare.

Second zone is the entertainment zone for looking TV or playing game. It has blue sofa, a big size TV on the wall, the carpet on the pathway and the small wooden cabinet under TV for keeping movies or music.

The last zone is the work zone. It is located near the slide glass door that use the light from outside to make this zone does not look dark. The wall at this zone is decorated with the laminate wood and the highlight is the modern circle bookshelf opposite the office desk that is pretty interesting.


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