Simple ideas of home decorating with wallpaper-part 1

August 18th, 2012
Furniture Design
Simple ideas of home decorating with wallpaper-part 1 4

Hi this idea I will present about home decorating with wallpaper again. Since nowadays wallpaper is very popular whether a variety of colors and patterns including the ease of design implementation. Also many people choose to use wallpaper instead of the wall tie by due to its design, style and more option in application. For this example I offer you see the wallpaper ideas with beautiful view of natural vision both of forest and urban that can appeal to all eyes.

Picture : fashionobsession.

My suggestion : The importance thing is the pattern of wallpaper were used must blend together with any room décor and the selecting of right location of any room will make your home even more beautiful.

My suggestion : PLATIN ART , GRAHAM AND BROWN are the two of high quality brands that you can get the beautiful art wallpaper with cheap price, I have bought under 30$ with free shipping from PLATIN ART.


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