Sneaky 8 Ideas to Decorate Your Wall with Picture

September 10th, 2012
Furniture Design
8 Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Wall with Picture 8

Now the photo and images are increasingly used to decorate our home. Some time used photos of marriage, children and place them in the bookshelf or hang them in the living room. On the internet there are many articles that suggest on how to decorate with the images, but on this article I correct the ideas not only the picture on canvas and posters, but the photos that were applied on recycling vases, ceramic tiles, wooden boards, etc.

For this article, I also have offered some useful tips and tricks to get started in a creative way to decorate our home with images. If you know some other solutions, please leave a comment below.

A simple wooden frame, witty and with a magical aesthetic effect. This framework is able to accommodate at least 16 of your favorite photos. Just take a few strips of wood and make the frame with nails and staples. Once done, fix strings on the empty frame and hang pictures with wooden clothespins. Read the tutorial From Talia Christine.

My suggestion : To create a special effect should be used with sepia images.

Have vases or empty glass bottles? You do not know what to do? Here is a good alternative: put the pictures in order to create a beautiful effect. To make this kind of exposure of the photo costs very little. Read the tutorial From rikkihibbert.

This idea is created by Martha Stuart. It has a strong visual impact. Using a strong color for each of the displayed images, the result is playful and elegant at the same time. You can choose a black frame for photos or just hang on the wall in their colorful canvases in order to save some money, in both cases, the effect is great. In case you have more budget you can choose various colors photo frames to add the attractive to your wall. [Cost: between 40$ – 50$]

This is another DIY project at affordable prices. You will need to ceramic tiles, glue, scissors, and printed. Use double-sided square, tape to place the pictures on the walls or on your refrigerator. [price: € 0.13 per tile + photo printing and glue]. Read the tutorial From Crunchy Betty.

The simple and interesting way of presenting the photographs using a cable, magnetic photo rope. It comes with 8 magnets and can be used to attach photos, postcards, greeting cards and so on. The lower part of the cable is weighted to keep it straight, and a wire ring in the upper part allows to hang the rope wherever you want. Easy to use with a little imagination you can think of to sort them by color, subject or chronologically. Cost: between 6$ – 8$ for 1 string.

Here’s an interesting DIY project that caught my attention. By simply using a few planks of wood as a support for your photos, cables, bulldog clips and hooks, you can group the photos in various ways and placed anywhere in the house. You can read the tutorial step by step installation from curbly , which should not take more than half a day. [Cost: less than 50 € for 10 photos]

This idea is simple and elegant, that also make your room look stylish. This idea use photos or images with black & white photo frames or colors photo frames to create wall clock. To achieve this particular idea I suggest you read the tutorial step by step from photojojo.

This amazing photo collages, perfect for viewing by a family inhabited in a house. Using photoclips or thumbtacks (plain or colored) connect the pictures together as in the example in the picture. [Cost: less than $ 50]. Read the tutorial From thecreativemama.


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