Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget – Part 1

November 22nd, 2012
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Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget  2

If you are tired of your outdated dining room, it may be time to give it a complete makeover. However, that might sound like a bit of a daunting task, especially if money is tight. How can you redo an entire dining room without investing thousands of dollars? Well, luckily there are plenty of ways.

Clean And De-Clutter The Space:

Your dining room may not actually be outdated at all. It might just be dirty or cluttered. So, start by making sure that those are not the problems. Dust, vacuum, polish the silver and clean the windows. Make sure that the room is as tidy as it can be.

As for the clutter, some things just have no business being in a dining room. Unfortunately, more and more families are crowding in front of the TV to eat. So, more and more dining rooms have become more like storage areas. If you want to give your dining room a makeover, that trend needs to come to an end.

The best way to de-clutter your dining room is to simply decide to use it. If you are going to eat at least one meal a day with your family at the dining room table, it will force the family to keep the table cleared off. It’s fine to use the table for crafts or homework, but make sure that everything is put away when you are done.

One common trick is to put a cabinet, Trunk or hollow stool in the dining room. Stash any craft or homework supplies in it, neatly of course. Then you can pull out only what you need and only do so when you need it.

Another great way to de-clutter is to remember that less is more. Your dining room doesn’t need to be wall to wall china cabinets, for example. Try taking one out to make the room feel bigger and reduce the clutter.

Reuse Current Dining Room Furniture:

There might be nothing at all wrong with the dining room table and chairs that you currently have. Simply cleaning and de-cluttering the room may be enough to make you see that. However, you can also try staining or polishing the existing dining room table and chairs. That can really restore your table and chairs to their former glory. The same thing applies to cabinets, hutches and other dining room pieces.

Another way to achieve a new look with the same dining room furniture is to just rearrange it. It’s amazing what a difference that can make. Try moving your china cabinet from one wall to another, if that’s an option. You can also try putting the leaf in or taking the leaf out of your table to make it a different size, if your dining table actually has leaves.

As for your dining room chairs and other items in the room that have fabric, you can reupholster them. That way they will fit your new décor. For an even better and easier option, you can sew your own slip covers. There are several advantages to doing that.

Your chair seats will be protected. So, the chairs will last longer.

Making slip covers is something that most people find to be easier than reupholstering.

You can easily remove slip covers to wash them at any time, unlike attached cushions.

All of those advantages are great, but there’s one that beats the rest. The best advantage to making slipcovers is that you can make more than one of them per chair. For a start, try making four sets. Change them at the start of each season. That way you can have a light and airy look in summer and a warm and cozy look in winter. You’ll never get bored with the look of your dining room because it will constantly be changing.

Build Or Re-Purpose Your Own Furniture:

If you are handy with tools, you can actually build your own furniture for the dining room. You may have advanced enough skills to make your own tables and chairs. If not, you can at least make an inexpensive bench or shelf. If you are going for a country or rustic look, that’s an even better idea. It can really give your dining room a sort of home-spun appeal.

You can also bring pieces from another part of the house into the dining room. Re-purposing what you have can give the room an entirely new feel. You may have to paint or stain some pieces or add some finishing touches to them, but it can be well worth taking the time in order to save money later on down the line.

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When you are building your own furniture or re-purposing what you have, think about the accents on the furniture. For example, knobs and drawer pulls can be easily replaced. Just by changing them, you can give your dining room an antiquated look or a modern one, depending on what you like. Look for those accents at flea markets or yard sales. You’ll find that there are plenty of them available and they come in many different sizes and styles.

Buy Reproduction Furniture:

If you do have to buy some furniture, it doesn’t have to be a designer piece. The great thing about reproduction furniture is that it looks a lot like the real thing. When it means the difference between paying $ 100 or $ 200 and paying $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 the choice is clear. After all, most of your house guests won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

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Flea markets, discount furniture stores and the Internet are great places to look for reproduction furniture. However, you should be careful about shopping for furniture online. It’s difficult to just the look of a piece without seeing it in person. Also, you may wind up having to pay shipping and handling fees, which can be expensive.

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