Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget – Part 2

November 23rd, 2012
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Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget Part 2 – 2

Hi every reader on furniture and vase decor. After I suugested the part 1 of  dining room decorating ideas with small budget at yesterday. Then today I would like to offer you to read more ideas on “Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget – Part 2”. (Read part 1 here).

Merge Modern And Vintage:

If you can’t afford to buy vintage dining furniture, but you want that vintage look, don’t worry. You can easily stain, paint or “distress” a modern piece to make it look vintage. For example, try giving a modern sideboard a makeover. All it takes is a little inexpensive paint or stain.


Another option is that you can avoid using a sideboard at all. You can actually try installing your own folding down shelf on the wall. When you entertain a large group, simply pull it down and you have an instant modern sideboard. Yet, you can easily paint or stain the shelf to make it blend in with any vintage pieces you happen to have in your dining room.

Paint or Paper the Walls:

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to change how a dining room looks is to paint or paper the walls of the room in new, fresh colors. If you aren’t sure what paper or paint to use, take a look at your furniture. What will go best with it? Remember that the idea is to create a cohesive look. It’s possible that your furniture is fine as is, but a different wall color would make it look better.

Wallpaper is more expensive than paint, generally speaking. So, paint may be your best option, if you are on a budget. However, you can still incorporate a little pizazz into the paint job. Use stencils or painter’s tape to make patterns on the walls. You could also opt to paint one horizontal stripe in a different color halfway up the walls. Then paint the top portion of the walls one color and the bottom portion another color. That will almost give an appearance similar to wainscoting, but true wainscoting is much more expensive.

A great thing about painting your dining room is that you can use fairly bold colors. You don’t have to go over the top, but a rich red or a chocolate brown might make the room feel more inviting, yet a bit more formal. On the other hand, if you are going for a rustic, informal or country feel, try lighter or more vibrant colors.

Also, keep in mind that you can use simple painting techniques to give the walls even more style. Try combing, if you want a textured and wavy look. You can also combine paint types to create a “distressed” or antiquated look. In fact, you can even do that to some of the furniture pieces in the room, if you’d like.

Wall Accent Pieces:

There are a lot of wall accent pieces that can be used in a dining room, whether you are going for a formal or casual look. For example, you could hang framed samplers with favorite quotes or stencil a favorite quote around the top of the walls.

Try to make sure that the quotes are appropriate for the purpose of the room. In other words, they should have something to do with either eating food or gathering with family and friends. Also, keep in mind that samplers can be easily removed, rearranged or swapped. Stenciled sayings are a little harder to get rid of. So, you shouldn’t stencil anything on your wall unless you are sure that you plan to keep it there for a while.

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Another way to add some inexpensive accent pieces to your dining room walls is to hang up items that you never use. Decorative plates, teacups and other items will really give your dining room a style that is completely unique. It’s even a great way to make use of items that have been slightly damaged. Nobody will notice a slight chip or crack when the item is hanging on the wall as a decoration.

Mirrors can also be used as accent pieces in the dining room. Don’t forget that they can be re-framed, the frames can be re-painted and you can combine multiple mirrors on one wall, if you want to. Mirrors will brighten up the space and make it feel bigger. They are also easy to find. Just look at yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores for good deals. You can also try shopping for them online, asking friends and family members if they have any or simply bringing mirrors in from another part of your house.

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If you are still struggling to find ways to decorate your dining room walls on a budget, try making use of family portraits or hanging up some inexpensive artwork. You can find some great artwork in antique shops and thrift stores. There are also plenty of art treasures to be found online or at yard sales. You might even find that your $ 5 or $ 10 art purchase turns out to be worth thousands down the line. However, the important thing is that it should simply look good in the space and that you should enjoy it.

Make Your Own Family Art:

If you are going for an informal look, you can even make your own family art. Hang up collages that the kids make or paint a picture yourself. It doesn’t have to be artistically perfect in order to perfectly reflect your family. In fact, you and your family could have a lot of fun doing some unique art projects. All it takes are some basic art supplies, which you can find on sale at almost any store.

You can also use pictures that you find online in order to create wall art. Just make sure that they are free images. Have them printed and blown up at any copy store for a couple of dollars and you’ll have instant dining room art. It may not look quite as fancy, but it certainly does the job when you are pressed for cash.

Reproductions or Unmarked Art:

If you have your eye on a major artist’s work, that’s great. However, a tight budget might require you to let that dream go. Instead try purchasing a reproduction for a fraction of the cost. You’ll achieve a very similar look and feel in the dining room, but without the expense.

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It’s also worth considering the mystery behind unmarked art. Just because a piece isn’t signed does not mean that it is junk. For all you know, it could have been painted by a great artist in their early days. It could even have been painted by someone trapped in a 9 to 5 job who wanted to explore their artistic side a bit. It really doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that the image “speaks” to you.

Lighting Options:

A good next step is to examine the lighting in your dining room. If you intend to have a formal dining area, you might want to get a new chandelier. Just remember that the chandelier only needs to be new to you, not brand new. Again, you can look for a reproduction piece or a used one. You can also shop online or go to a local store that specializes in lighting and see what sales they have going on.

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In a more informal dining room, you might want to have more informal light fixtures. In either case, it’s a great idea to install a dimmer switch. That way you can control the lighting perfectly at all times and for all occasions.

If your dining room also has windows, it’s a good idea to take full advantage of them. They can be a great source of light. However, they should blend in well with the room, rather than standing out. One way to make sure that they blend in is to make your own curtains. Just make sure that they complement the chair cushions or slip covers.

You can also find some inexpensive vertical or horizontal blinds or pull down shades for the dining room windows. That way you can always let in just the right amount of light. If you want blinds, be willing to buy a standard size and cut them to fit yourself. That will save you some money. If you want pull down shades, simply go to any home repair or supply store and look for sales. Don’t forget to take advantage of any coupons that the stores may be using at the time, too.

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Standing lamps or other accent lamps may also fit in nicely, depending on the size and style of your dining room. If you are looking for some inexpensive lamps, try the local outlet stores and cost saver clubs. You may also find great deals online or in thrift shops. Remember that you can always adapt a lamp by changing the light bulb type or the shade and you can find a lot of cheap shades at yard sales and in similar places.

Pair of Swirling Iron Hanging Wall Candleholder Sconce ($13).

Another lighting option is that you could use candles, especially on special occasions. You could even make your own candle holders for the table or make your own candle wall sconces. All it takes is a creative mind and a few scrap materials. Candles are not expensive at all and they come in many sizes and colors. So, be sure to change your candles from time to time. You’ll be amazed at the difference that it makes.

Article From : Russ, Angela (2012-06-04). Redecorating Your Home on a Budget – Volume 4 – Dining Rooms.

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