Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget – Part 3

November 26th, 2012
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Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget – Part 3-8

Hi again to everyone on furniture and vase decor. At the previous articles I have suugested the part 1 and part 2 of  dining room decorating ideas with small budget. Then today I would like to offer you to read the last article series of dining room ideas on “Sneaky Ideas to Redecorate Your Dining Rooms on a Budget – Part 3”. (Read part 1 and part 2 here).

Tablecloths and Runners:

Once you have the walls of the room, the lighting and the main furniture pieces taken care of, it’s time to start focusing on the little things. It’s the small finishing touches that can really make your dining room stand out from the rest.

If you like to knit, crochet or sew, you can make your own tablecloths and runners. If you aren’t good at that sort of thing, ask a family member or friend who is. If you still need help, try looking for patterns in magazines or buying tablecloths and runners at discount stores. As with most things, you may even find some great deals on them while surfing on the Internet. You just have to take the time to do some basic researching.


If you like to knit and crochet, you can also make other accessories for the dining room. Potholders and doilies come to mind. You may even be able to knit or crochet a centerpiece for the table. That can be a great conversation starter during any gathering. However, when it comes to the centerpiece, there’s a whole world of other possibilities.

Traditional centerpieces are usually things like vases full of flowers, candles, or even bowls of fruit. You could certainly go that traditional route. After all, all of those things are inexpensive.

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If you’re a little less traditional, you could do some other interesting things with the centerpiece. For example, try creating or buying a cheap spinning display rack. Place fun family photographs on the rack. Your guests will love spinning through between courses and it will make for some great conversation.

You should also try to include unique centerpieces for the holidays. For example, you could place a pumpkin in the center of the table on Halloween. You could also choose to create a unique display of Easter eggs on Easter. For Christmas, try a miniature Christmas tree. If you happen to be Jewish, of course, try placing a menorah in the middle of the table on Hanukkah. Whatever holidays you happen to celebrate, make them special by decking out your dining table with a perfect, yet inexpensive, centerpiece.

The important thing to remember about a centerpiece is that all of your guests need to be able to enjoy it. So, you need to make sure that everyone has something beautiful and interesting to look at, no matter where they sit. Placing just one photograph or single-sided item in the middle of the table will keep certain people from being able to enjoy the centerpiece. A centerpiece doesn’t need to be expensive, but it needs to be accessible to everyone.

Cloth Napkins:

If you are trying to achieve a formal look in your dining room, cloth napkins are great. The best thing about them is that they are nothing more than small squares of fabric. Even with very minor sewing skills, you can easily make your own. That gives you the freedom to shop for fabric when it’s on sale and choose the perfect colors for the space.

Just as you may change slip covers with the changing seasons, you should use different napkins for different occasions or times of year. So, you may want to make several sets.

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Not everyone uses napkin rings to hold their napkins anymore and that’s a real shame. Napkin rings can really add that extra little bit of uniqueness to your dining room table’s place settings. Luckily, you can find napkin rings at yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores for almost no money. If you are creative, you may even be able to make your own out of various materials or convert other items, such as belt buckles, into napkin rings.

If you don’t want to use napkin rings at all, you don’t have to. However, you should still try to display your napkins in a unique way. Try folding them in fun and unique shapes, especially on special occasions when you are planning a large gathering. Your friends and family members will love your creativity.

Fresh Flowers:

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Fresh flowers are a great way to add color and fragrance to the dining room. A lot of people think that bringing fresh flowers in should be done only on special occasions. However, you don’t need an excuse for flowers. Why not make every day a special occasion, especially if you have your own garden? It’s a free or very inexpensive way to change the entire mood of the dining room.

Keepsakes and Prize Possessions:

Your dining room should reflect who you are. So, you should be sure to bring in a favorite keepsake or prize possession and display it well on a shelf, in a shadow box or in some other appropriate way. If you have a collection of something, you could display that in the dining room as well, but only within certain limits.

A dining room is a place to relax and gather with friends and family. So, it’s good to have a few conversation pieces in the room. Yet, it’s important not to bring too much clutter into the space. It’s also important to make sure that your keepsakes and collections are appropriate for the space. For example, try not to bring any if these into a dining room:

A Collection of Horror Movie Posters

A Collection of Car Parts

An Insect Collection

You may also want to avoid bringing in collections of teddy bears or dolls. After all, nobody likes to have hundreds of eyes staring at them while they eat. Instead, try to bring in a collection that works in the dining room. Teacups or collectible spoons come to mind.

Whatever collectibles you bring in, try to rotate them from time to time. For example, if you have 500 collectible teacups, don’t cram them all into the dining room at once. Try displaying a portion of them and changing them once every month or two. That will allow you to show off your entire collection without overwhelming your guests or taking over the entire dining room.


If you happen to collect more than one type of thing, you also need to be careful. If your collections go together, display them together. For example, teacups and saucers are meant to go together. You could even display collectible spoons in teacups.

On the other hand, if the collections are completely different, you may want to display one at a time. The benefit of that is that it’s like having a completely different dining room once every few months. If possible, try to match what you display in the dining room with the changing weather or seasons. Make sure that the decorations are appropriate for the time of year.

Treat It Like A Treasure Hunt:

Finding inexpensive decorations and accessories for your dining room can be a fun treasure hunt. You have to do some research and explore a lot of different avenues to find what you’re looking for. For example, let’s say that you find what you think is the perfect mirror in a local store. Well, make note of why you like it, but try not to buy it immediately.

Instead, shop online for a similar, but cheaper mirror. You could even look at yard sales for a mirror that you could potentially re-frame. By treating it like a fun treasure hunt instead of an emergency, you can save a lot of money. Here are some places to look:

Yard Sales

Second-Hand Shops

Antiques Shops

Thrift Stores

Salvation Army

Recycling Centers

Discount Stores

Discount Websites

Attics, Basements and Garages (Belonging To You or Your Friends and Family Members)

The important thing to do is extend the hunt. Give yourself time to create the perfect dining room. It doesn’t all need to be done in one day. In fact, it shouldn’t all be done in one day. You need to take the time to think about what you want.

One of the best things about decorating your dining room slowly over time is that it can actually expand your budget. Spending a little each weekend is a lot easier than spending a lot of money all at once.

If you look in all of those places in your spare time, you’ll be amazed at how many great things you find and how many fabulous deals you get. You just have to put the ideas of complete perfection and finishing immediately out of your head. Then you can see decorating your dining room as a fun adventure.

Pad Your Budget:

If you still find yourself needing to pad your dining room decorating budget, you can try having your own yard sale. Get rid of anything that you no longer need or want. Then use the proceeds to go to other people’s yard sales and find what you do need and want.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be stuck in a dining room decorating nightmare forever. You can easily shape your dining room into what you want it to be. All you have to do is take your time and enjoy the search. You may have to take some time to find the perfect bargains, but it will make finding them even more fun.

Conclusion So there you have it:

As I’ve said before, this is not going to be any easy or quick process, but if you follow the instructions I have provided on two the previous articles, you’re going to  get through the redecorating process with much less pain.

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But once you do completely redecorate your dining room without spending oodles of money, you’re going to feel incredibly proud of yourself and your “new” living space.

Just think of how great it’s going to feel to be able to walk into your spotless dining room and eating dinner as a family at your newly re-finished table! I promise the time you put into this effort will be time extremely well spent.

So thank you, again, for your reading, and best of luck redecorating your dining room!

Article From : Russ, Angela (2012-06-04). Redecorating Your Home on a Budget – Volume 4 – Dining Rooms.

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