Sneaky Ways of Space Saving Tips For Home Improvement

September 6th, 2012
Furniture Design
Sneaky Ways of Space Saving Tips For Home Improvement 7

The best way to approach the subject of saving space is to try and think creatively about the way you use a space and the type of storage that you can be used to fill it. Many homes have storage areas which are not always fully utilized. When looking for space-saving ideas there are many simple solutions available which will help with the reorganization process.

If your home has plenty of bare wall space, then it might be worth thinking about using shelving to help store your possessions.   Use shelving in conjunction with small storage boxes to help store smaller items that may have been cluttering up the floor or consider adding additional shelving to your existing kitchen cupboards or bedroom closet to make better use of the space already available.   If you have lots of photos on show, then consider hanging them on the walls to minimize the clutter on the mantelpiece and side units.

Multipurpose furniture is another useful way to save space.   Consider buying a coffee table that has built in storage areas or use an ottoman style unit instead of a traditional coffee table.   There are many different styles of ottoman units available on the market and selecting a low-level one with a flat lid will give you the option of using it as a table whilst also offering plenty of storage inside.   In addition, there are other units available that can double up as a seated area as well.

Books and DVD’s can be a constant source of clutter, but the problem can be easily resolved by using bookcases or similar storage units. Corner bookcases can be used to fill an empty corner space and low-level storage units can be used to fill a space under a window that may not have been previously occupied.

If space is really limited, then think about changing the style of interior door that you use. Bi-fold doors can be a good alternative to the traditional style door as they do not need the same amount of space to open and shut when in use and sliding doors tend to only use space alongside the wall that they attach to.   Doors can also be used to store things on. Use hooks on the backs of doors to hold items associated with that room. Hooks attached to a bathroom door could be used to hang towels whereas a bedroom door could hold dressing gowns or jackets.

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