Sneaky Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom for Home Improvement

August 27th, 2012
Furniture Design
Sneaky Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom for Home Improvement 1

When you walk into your bathroom, are you frustrated due to the limitations that you have as far as space is concerned? Do you find yourself opening drawers and having to sort through seemingly endless amounts of toiletries, cosmetics, and other personal care items in order to find what you are looking for? Do you open cabinets with ease because you are afraid of towels, medications, first aid supplies and soaps falling out? These are all common issues and annoyances among individuals that have only a small amount of space to work with in their bathroom. You will be very pleased by the fact that there are several creative ways to organize your small bathroom. In this chapter, you will learn a few of the most popular tricks that individuals have found to help them achieve success in organizing their bathroom and optimizing its overall functionality.

Wall Utilization

Small-spaced rooms, such as the bathroom, requires the proper organization of the room that is available, the accessories that are present and the furniture pieces that are within the room in order to avoid the complication of clutter. By utilizing various parts of your small bathroom in order to optimize the amount of space that you have, you will have the ability to enjoy what the room has to offer to its fullest. If you are into making the most of the room that you have available in your bathroom, I suggest that you take full advantage of the walls. In most instances, the walls serve their functional purpose and the only use associated with them may be an attached mirror. However,you may utilize the space for so much more.

One of the first ways that you may incorporate the walls of your bathroom into your small space expansion project is by incorporating towel racks, towel hooks and standard hooks for holding bags that you may utilize for storing various types of accessories. In addition to this, you may build small to medium sized niches into the walls in the room. These spaces will allow you to create shelves that may be used to store all types of basic bathroom necessities – such as soaps, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and other personal hygiene products. When it comes to creative small-spaced small-spaced bathroom organization, wall utilization is a critical component to optimizing the functionality of the room.

Overlooked Spaces

If you are interested in utilizing your creativity to make the most out of a small-spaced bathroom, you should consider using spaces that are often overlooked. These are those areas underneath the sink in the room, the window sills, the ceiling and in the corners of the room. There are several different types of storage accessories that may be used in these locations. Examples include shelves, hanging baskets that may be attached to the ceiling in each of the corners of the room, trays that slide or have wheels attached to them, stackable storage bins and even planter units.

There are numerous reasons why your bathroom may be on the small side. Perhaps your home was built during a period where smaller was better, or that you are in a position where you had to downsize in order to meet your financial obligations. Regardless, there are many creative ways that you may organize a small bathroom. By using spaces that are typically overlooked, such as walls, corners, underneath the bathtub area and the ceiling, you may store many items that you require in a fully functional organized manner that looks absolutely fantastic! The secret to creative small-spaced organization and functionality is to look beyond the “norm” and think outside the realm of tradition. It is then that you have the potential to become exceptionally creative.

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