Sneaky Ways to Organize Your Closets for Small Room

August 28th, 2012
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Sneaky Ways to Organize Your Closets for Home Improvement 1

Closets are among the messiest spaces in any home, especially if that home is smaller than normal. That’s because they’re out of your direct line of sight. While a cluttered living room might bother you until you organize it, it’s easy to just shove one more thing in the closet, even if closing the door gets tough after a while. The trouble with this type of closet storage is that you soon dread looking for winter clothes, sports equipment and other items. By organizing your closet correctly, you can get more space and more peace of mind without a lot of extra effort.

Decluttering Tricks

As with every other room in a small house, the first step to closet organization is to remove the things you don’t need or use. This can be harder with closets, however, as they often contain sentimental objects or clothing. One good trick for helping you cut through the clutter is to put all your clothes on hangers.

Then, hang them the wrong way around, with the hook pointing towards you. If you wear a garment, you’ll put it back the normal way, but if you don’t end up using it, the hanger will still point the wrong direction in six months. Get rid of all clothes on these hangers and allow them to benefit someone else.

Organize By Usefulness

Once you know which items you plan to keep in your closet, it’s time to take a look at how often you use them. Put infrequently-used objects, such as winter clothes or seasonal sports equipment, where they’re out of sight. By keeping these objects in boxes, bins, cabinets or other enclosed spaces, you prevent them from getting in the way on a day to day basis.

If you don’t have an enclosed space, put less-useful items up high. Keep the things you use on a daily basis where you can easily see and reach them.

Storage Solutions

Closet storage furniture and built-ins are so useful that there’s a whole industry dedicated to them. The wrong choice of storage can actually make your closet worse, however. Take some time to look at your space and all the individual items you need to store.

Remember that you don’t have to use a storage fixture for the purpose on the label, either. An umbrella stand could make a great storage container for golf clubs, wrapping paper, yoga mats, or any other odd-shaped objects. A shoe cubby might work just as well for purses and other accessories. To maximize the usefulness of your storage containers, consider replacing standard closet doors with hanging screens or curtains that don’t take up as much space.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can take your closet from nightmarish to neat. The key is being willing to let things go; if you haven’t used it within six months to a year, it’s not worth your time or your storage space. Make sure you fit all closet fixtures to your space and your personal needs, and you may find that your closet turns into a welcoming, convenient place faster than you expect.

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