Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Christmas Card

December 2nd, 2012
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Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Christmas Card 1

Christmas season in Americahas grown commercially over the last few decades, meaning the span of time we call “Christmas season” has as well. Regardless of whether you call it “Christmas season” or the “holiday season” or if you like or dislike that time period, the fact stays the same, you will spend a lot of money.

While most people will agree that there is a certain magic and excitement that surrounds the holiday season, we can also agree that stress abounds. Starting in early October and ending sometime around the New Year people are on a constant upward-moving escalator of stress that can seem out-of-control.

Spending money over the holidays has dropped some over recent years, but still represents a large chunk of money to account for if you don’t have much expendable income. According to the American Research Group the average American family spent $ 646 on Christmas gifts alone in 2011.

Christmas gifts are the largest part of the Christmas budget, but they hardly represent everything that you will spend extra money on this Christmas. For the purposes of this book we will add in Christmas cards, decorations, entertainment and food to push that total to an even $ 1,000 extra to spend this Christmas.

This is a large amount of money to account for and I hope to help you slash that number by at least 50% by paying attention to a few things this holiday season. These things are divided into categories for easier reference, but all will apply to most people around the holidays in one way or another.

With the tips on how to save along with the tips on getting discounted gifts my hope is that you go well beyond 50% savings from the $ 1,000 starting line for your budget. Your stress levels will drop, your family will thank you and you will start dreaming of more simple things, like a White Christmas again.

Christmas Cards

1. The first thing you should consider in respect to Christmas cards is; do you really need to send them at all? Many people still do this out of habit and tradition, but they aren’t really necessary if you don’t want to send them. In fact, if you reviewed what you received last year you would probably see that many of your friends and family already stopped.

2. Instead of the traditional Christmas card that you send through the US Mail you could send a fancy email from one of the online e-Card websites. This could be your contribution to the “Green” movement this year, eliminating waste from Christmas cards.   If you don’t like the idea of an informal e-Card you could send out a link to an online photo gallery of your family. This is what most people enjoy from the Christmas card anyways,

3. Reusing and repurposing your cards from last year is an option as well. Simply cut out any references to the year or anything else you may have written on the card and you could send out the pretty part, which would look a little more like a postcard than a card.


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4. If you insist on sending some kind of card through the mail try sending a postcard instead of a normal Christmas card. Postage is cheaper on a postcard than a regular piece of mail or a regular card so this would still be a money-saver while sticking a little bit closer to Christmas card tradition.

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5. If you are truly going to stick to the old, traditional Christmas card you don’t have to change, just wait to buy your Christmas cards. As a matter of fact, Christmas cards tend to drop in price in December and really start to drop the closer the days get to Christmas. You could easily wait until 7-10 days before Christmas, buy the cards on a discount and go out and mail the cards later that night. Saving a bundle is what we are really after, anyway you get there is fair game!

Article From : 51 Ways to Save Money on Christmas: Living on a Dime Around the Holidays by Lynn Copeland.

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