Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decorations

December 12th, 2012
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Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decorations 2

At the previous articles we talk about saving ideas on wrapping paper. Then today I would like to offer you to read the more christmas saving ideas on Christmas decorations “Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decorations”. (Read Christmas saving ideas on wrapping paper).

Christmas Decorations

To start with, you should view decorations like you do the Christmas cards, do you really want or need them? I’m a firm believe in Christmas decorations for anyone with kids or grandkids, but with neither it really isn’t necessary. Decorations are to celebrate the holiday and if you do not want to celebrate with decorations you certainly do not have to.

1. Keep your eye on the sales inserts in your local newspaper because decorations go on sale every year just before Christmas. We bought hundreds of dollars of decorations for our first Christmas together that only cost us about $ 100 because of a sale at a local retail outlet. Stores will mark down leftovers from last year and some from this year to get you in the store.

The hope is that once you are in the store you might also buy an artificial tree for full price or something else. At the very least the money you saved might bring you back at other times of the year in search of the same deals.

2. Never throw away a Christmas art or craft you receive from your kids, friend’s kids, nieces, nephews, or anyone else! These can become your Christmas decorations and they will give a very unique feel to your home around the holidays. Decorations from kids are adorable regardless of their artistic value and other decorations from other people, when they are displayed, will give them a sense of gratitude and save you money!

3. You could jump start next year’s Christmas savings by going out and buying an artificial Christmas tree right after the holiday this year. This won’t help you this year, but it could save you money for years to come and get you out of a bind when decorations come up in the future. Christmas trees become very cheap after Christmas because retailers don’t want to have to store the bulky items during the off-time of year.

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4. When you are first starting out on your own with Christmas decorations, don’t try to get all stocked up in one year. This is especially true with Christmas ornaments, but even true in situations for other decorations as well. Fact of the matter is that you will be celebrating for a long time and you can collect a few items each year.

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Newlyweds will often get Christmas ornaments and other decorations for gifts the first year they are together and not have to spend money on them at all. Take all of this stuff in, you will have more than enough Christmas decorations before you know it. Letting this stuff fall into place on its own will always save you money in the end!

Article From : 51 Ways to Save Money on Christmas: Living on a Dime Around the Holidays by Lynn Copeland.


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