Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Wrapping Paper for Christmas

December 7th, 2012
Furniture Design
Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Wrapping Paper for Christmas 1

Hi again to everyone on furniture and vase decor. At the previous articles I have suugested christmas saving ideas on Christmas card. Then today I would like to offer you to read the more Christmas saving ideas on wrapping paper “Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Wrapping Paper for Christmas”. (Read Christmas saving ideas on Christmas card).

Wrapping Paper      

Men are the true culprits of the first way that people really overspend on Christmas but could save, wrapping a Christmas present. A very small percentage of men take the appropriate amount of time to wrap a Christmas present. An even fewer number actually leave the room with a present they wrapped that looks good.

It is ok to have a present that looks poorly wrapped if you tried to take the time to wrap it right. Giving the effort is what matters, especially if it saved you $ 30-$ 50 so someone else wouldn’t wrap your gifts for you. Don’t get things professionally wrapped is the money-saving tip, wrap yourself and save big money!

1. Get creative with what you use as wrapping paper so that you don’t have to buy actual wrapping paper. Instead, you could use old magazines or newspapers and give your gift a healthy dose of originality. This isn’t hard to do if you just start to plan to save the paper a few months in advance of Christmas. By saving the paper you can make unique wrapping paper for all of your friends and family, especially if you save things that are a little sentimental.

For example, if you have a friend that is a big fan of a comic strip you could use that comic strip from the last few months to wrap presents. If you have a son or daughter that is in to sports you could use a Sports Illustrated cover prominently in the wrapping paper. Any magazine or newspaper would work as long as you relate it to the subject matter is at all.

2. You could make art projects for your kids with old wrapping paper or wrapping paper meant for birthdays. All you would have to is turn the wrapping paper inside-out and then let your kids draw and color on the blank side. This, again, will give some character to your wrapping paper while saving you a pretty penny in your pocket book as well.

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3. If you are buying boys and tags for your gifts from places like Hallmark and JC Penney you are probably paying too much. Instead, go to the Dollar Store or Walmart or or something where they have bows and name tags at a reasonable price. Not only are the prices reasonable but the products look virtually the same as well.

4. Your gift tags, you know the piece of paper that says who the gift is from and who it is to, don’t have to be purchased from the store. You could easily make these on your own by cutting up old Christmas cards, cutting up little pieces of wrapping paper and folding them over, or just write who it is to and from on the wrapping paper. Fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to be amazing, just has to say who it is for and who it is from.

Article From : 51 Ways to Save Money on Christmas: Living on a Dime Around the Holidays by Lynn Copeland.

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