Space Bags Review New Idea for Space Saving and Home Organization

September 8th, 2012
Furniture Design
Space Bags Review New Idea for Sapce Saving and Home Organization 3

Space bags are a relatively new idea and they generally seem to receive positive feedback. The idea with the bag is that you remove all of the air from it and it uses less space.

The theory behind the space bag idea is that you fill the bag in the normal way, then seal it using the zip lock and attach your vacuum hose to the valve to extract all of the air from the bag. This process results in the bag reducing in size and is therefore easier to store. The manufacturers of these bags claim that they can increase your storage capacity dramatically, whilst also providing better protection against water damage and dirt.

Space bags work well when storing clothing, bedding and other forms of fabric as the vacuum effect works well with these types of items. This method really will create space with minimal effort. The only downside to this type of storage appears to be when the bag splits as this allows the air back in and as a result the bag is no longer vacuum packed.

Here are the samples of space bags (price is between 20$ – 30$).


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