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January 16th, 2012
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design a riders special needs and simplicity of use was taken into consideration. Garmin took it to the next level by building into it the latest technologies such as Bluetooth, MP3 and a micro SD card.

Zumo 660 sports a 4.3″ easy to operate while wearing gloves fantastic color touchscreen display. Additionaly the anti glaredisplay screen is Readable even in bright sunlight. The nav system has a rugged, waterproof housing that also is resistant to damage from harmful fuel splashes and harmful UV rays.

This nav.system is comes loaded for use directly out of the box. It has all the features you would demand from Garmin with tens of thousands of POI’s (points of interests) such as hotels, restaurants, ATM’s and much more. Zumo 660 has 3-d view and lane assist so you will always be aware of your turns ahead of time. Another fabulous feature is a fuel gauge that is digital so you that you will be able to know how many miles till you get close to empty.

Bluetooth technology has been designed so you can talk on your phone and still hear the voice prompts without having to pull over or slow down. Just pair zumo 660 to your headset or Bluetooth enabled helmet and you are ready. It also has a spoken street names feature. Gone are the days of distracted driving looking for faded or missing street signs while you are watching the road for dangers or in-attentive drivers.

Planning a cross country ride or a sightseeing journey? Zumo 660 is equiped with a picture viewer so you can take your friends and family on your excursion with you. A fabulous addition to this nav.system is the MP3 player. You can play to all your desirable music or audiobooks with your Bluetooth compatible headset.

If you are similar to me, I desire to cutomize my excursion on my desktop at home. My excursions are detailed with stopping at Many sightseeing excursions and favorite out of the way restaurants. You can do this and using the microSD card feature upload this preplanned trip into your Zumo 660. You can share your favorite trips with friends or family.

What if you stumble upon a cool backroad and you want to re-visit it for another day, you can save this trip in the memory and even review at home.

The zumo 660 comes with a convenient carrying case. Also comes with the mounting hardware and a dash mount for use while not on your motorcycle plus a power cable.

Garmin zumo has several other models to choose from depending on your desires.

Garmin zumo 665 has all the benefits of the zumo 660 plus an added feature of a GXM 40 XM antenna. What this means is that you can listen to 170 digital channels of radio. Another upgrade is you can add XM NavWeather and have real time weather data and watch radar graphics on your map screen. The zumo 665 also offers an bonus feature for those who commute in the city. It is XM Nav Traffic. It will tell you of trouble spots and assist you in navigating around them.

Garmin zumo 550 is a biker friendly navigation system. It features a glove-friendly touchscreen with left handed controls. This zumo 550 allows you to add Points of Interests such as favorite coffee shops and red light cameras plus much more. With an upgraded subscription you can have XM Radio, weather and TMC traffic alerts. The zumo 550 is also Bluetooth friendly.

Garmin zumo 220 has a 2.8″ anti-glare easy to operate while wearing gloves color touchscreen. It is pre-loaded with everything required to tour the streets or highways complete with hundreds of thousands of Points of Interests. If you like to share your rides the zumo 220 includes a microSD card which makes it easy to share and add routes. At the end of the ride this compact unit slips nicely into your pocket and with the additional dash mount it will also work in you car or truck.


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